Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dye Pots Part IV - THE FINAL RESULT!!!!

Thank you for all the wonderful fabric suggestions! I loved the last two options: Etsuko Balance and Etsuko Scene. Very beautiful! This fabric is also GORGEOUS. It's from India and it's embroidered so it has a great textured look to it. Kind of pricey though...
And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! Last night I checked my scarves and they were completely dry (yeah!) so I removed them from the poles.
As you can see, the side that was hugging the pole is still the original turquoise or fuchsia color, while the side that was exposed to the dye is now purple or black. Aren't those wavy ripples awesome?
This unique dye distribution makes for a very cool diamond pattern once the scarf is opened.

They look even cooler on! The pleats in these scarves allow you to arrange the scarf any way you want. It can never look "bad" or as if you put it on "wrong". There is no such thing. I just threw it on for the pictures so that you can see that you don't need to mess around with it for a long time to get it to look cool. I did this twice for each so you can see two different possibilities:

I hope they were worth the wait! Let me know what you think!


Alexandra said...

THOSE LOOK AMAZING!!! I can't believe how awesome they came out... I would have thought the black would have bled through instead of allowing one side to keep its color. Very creative!

The Muttering Chef said...

Those are beautiful Jen! Wow. Can I have one? ;)

Kurt Ankeny said...

[QUOTE]Those are beautiful Jen! Wow. Can I have one? ;)[QUOTE]

They're available at her Etsy shop! :P

Melissa said...

wow, they are beautiful!