Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Baltimore Craft Show

The Baltimore Craft Show yesterday was really fun. It's always amazing to see so many talented people all in one room. Glass blowers, quilters, shibori artists, wood turners, furniture makers, embroidery artists, knitters, jewelers, and many many more. I tried taking as many photos as I could, but believe it or not, I was rejected by some artists because they thought my only motive was to, "send my pictures to China to market their ideas and make a fortune."


I couldn't believe it! After the third time I was accused of sending my pictures to China, I told the artist that I didn't even HAVE contacts in China. He said, "India, then?" And gave me this look of, "I'm on to you!" I was enraged. I decided to put my camera away before I said something I would regret!

Soooooooooo....on that rather strange and annoying note, below are pictures I was able to take. Amazing artists whose work I saw after putting my camera away, include Laura Hunter, Kathleen Lamberti, L. Oneill Design, Jonathan Winfisky, Jeung-hwa Park (my idol), Jane Sisco, Britt Rynearson, Peggy Loudon, Jerry Kermode, Cordwainer Shoemaking Workshop, Pat Flynn, and Messina Designs.

And now those forbidden photos...Just so you know, I updated my Etsy shop this weekend. My latest scarves have been posted, so I hope you're able to grab one!

Oh't market the above ideas in China, ok? ;)

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