Friday, February 9, 2007

Clay Pipe

Isn't this a gorgeous mug? It's huge, first of all, which is great, and it has "clay pipe" stamped on it like the old clay pipes used to back in the day. VERY cool. We picked it up at the Takoma Park Festival last year. I'm hoping to sign up for a booth this year. Last year I inquired a couple months before the festival and the booths were already taken! I'm determined to not let that happen this year. It's such a great time and so many people stop by with their family that I'm hoping to set up my little shop and sell some stuff. This year it's being held on October 7th, the first Sunday of the month. Four days after my birthday, actually! I should have plenty of time to make some stuff and design my booth layout. Exciting!!!

This is a fabric swatch I saw in Cia's Palette that I absolutely loved. I'm really into blues and browns together. I think it's such a great combination. Especially a cool turquoise and a rich milk chocolate brown. BEAUTIFUL! My whole outfit yesterday was those two colors. Should've gotten a picture of that...

Alexander Henry also has some beautiful fabrics on that site like this one: Buddha's Cloud in Indigo. That website was really a good find. Does anyone know of any other cool fabric / yarn websites?

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Anonymous said...

That is a cool pipe or mug or whatever it is! Nice pic of Magellen and Flaco, what about Abbi and Anne ? I see how it is! Nice blog, except for the downer about your job. How's Kurts scarf going? I am almost done with the one I started about 2 weeks ago.