Friday, February 23, 2007

Cool new stuff and screenprinting

Picked up this really great tablecloth from a local store here in Takoma Park. It was on sale for $19. I can't wait to have a studio with work tables so I can use it! It's a bit too small for our kitchen table.

I also got this cute door hanging. It's a row of soft little hens. It jingles softly when you open the door.

In terms of new projects, I'm working on a set of napkins! I first made a positive and negative image using black and white paper.
I then transferred that image onto a transparency and burned the image from the transparency onto a screen. Finally, I silkscreened the image onto the napkins, which I had previously dyed. Ta Daa!
I'm thinking of doing more with the napkins, but haven't quite decided what yet. Since this was my first go at screenprinting, I was focused on that and forgot to think of what would come next! I definitely want the rest of the napkin to have a contrasting pattern as well, though, so they're not just plain khaki. Stains will show up very easily on khaki!
Although I'm going to be busy tomorrow having a blast at the Baltimore Craft Show (can't wait!!! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures for you), I'm also planning on doing a shop update this weekend to include my new scarves, so stay tuned! :)

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