Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Belly rub

Whiskey De Bleu

Meet my new Bedlington Terrier puppy, Whiskey. Is she not the most adorable thing you have ever seeeeeeeeeen?

She had a very, very busy day yesterday which included a trip to a couple of stores, two walks, lots of playing on the kitchen floor, her first steps in the ocean and her first bath at our house. She was pooped. Last night, poor little Whiskey kept us up a bit whimpering. The poor girl misses her mommy and littermates. :( I wanted so badly to run to her and pick her up and snuggle her close!
After thoroughly exploring the house, she's found a favorite place to sit: up against the counter behind the stools.
She sits back there and plays with her little lobster squeek toy. She's so adorable! She has her first vet appointment tonight. I hope she likes the vet! I'm sure it'll feel like someone's ripping my heart out when they administer her shots. :\ Poor Whiskey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest Bedlington photo

Little Whiskey is on the left. :) Isn't she ADORABLE??????????????? We pick her up on Saturday. Can't wait!


We spent the weekend in Maine and had a great time. My friend, Alex, and her boyfriend J. announced their engagement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're very excited for them. :)

Felicidades, amiga. Te quiero mucho, ya lo sabes.