Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Six weird things

Alicia tagged me (thanks!) to tell six weird things about myself, so here goes nothin'.

Well, I am deathly afraid of windmills. Not necessarily those big, old fashioned ones like this one, but those new white ones with the three white blades. I'm not sure when exactly I developed this fear or why, but on the drive to Wisconsin from DC, there's a whole ROW of these things. And of course, just like the movies, you see them just as you're cresting a hill. Kurt always says, "DON'T LOOK!" but I always do. I say, "Don't look at wh--? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" And then I get this weird feeling in my stomach/chest, like I'm seeing the cause of my impending death with mine own eyes!

My husband says I have a "pouring problem." When I pour water or juice into a glass, I tend to pour too quickly and it splashes out of the glass and all over the counter. I can only remember 2 times when that didn't happen...

Lots of people have a problem with seeing blood or gory films. I don't have that problem. I've always loved medicine so I think I developed the ability to separate myself from the situation at an early age. I can't, however, handle anything that has to do with...the ankles. If someone twists an ankle in a movie, I scream. (Remember Misery? I thought I would pass out!) If someone gets shot in the head, however, I remain unfazed. Go figure.

My profession is Translator and Conference Interpreter. I love the work, but this has somehow given almost everyone I know the license to regard me as a walking dictionary. They didn't warn me of this in grad school... On the up side, I can listen to about 4 conversations at once without getting lost!

I actually got so mad once I SAW RED. It happens. Trust me. It's not just a saying. It scared me so bad that I have yet to remember what I was so mad about.

My favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping. No question about it. I loooove eating and usually don't stop when I'm full, but rather when the joy of eating has subsided (to counter that, I have to run 5.5 miles a day). I also love sleeping, especially when there's a waffle blanket to snuggle up with! I love sleeping so much that I get pretty cross when the alarm is set on the weekends. (Kurt can tell you aaaaaaaaaallll about that!) I consider it my time to sleep sleep sleep. Although I'm usually up by 9 at the latest, it's the possibility of sleeping til noon that I love!

What's your weird characteristic? :)


.:soplador:. said...

las venas de la muñeca me hacen perder la fuerza, no las soporto, ahi va una

Alicia P said...

Fabulously wonderfully weird. Especially the water thing. But I sort of do the same thing. Except I do it because apparently I'm too impatient to actually take the time to pour it into the glass and start putting the bottle back in the frige while still pouring.

And the ankle thing -- totally hear ya. It's no baby in a bonfire, but still.