Friday, January 19, 2007

Cuckoo for cuckoo clocks

For months now, I have been reading online about cuckoo clocks. Whether about one that someone found at a garage sale or in a box up in the attic, or the modern versions available for purchase now, like the Urban Outfitters silhouette cuckoo clocks. All are very cool, but NONE operate with the original metal weights. They were all disappointingly battery operated.
Until now!
I just found this one at the MoMA Store. It's pricey, $375, but MAN IS IT COOL!!! And to top it all off, it has the traditional chains and metal weights. I'll definitely have to save up for this!!

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Kristen said...

That's so cool, Jen! Just looked at your etsy shop, looks like you have a lot more things on there now. I love the blue scarf with the dots.