Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is Flaco. He's my friend, Alex's dog. He's an English Pointer and she rescued him from the pound in Spain. He was so emaciated when she found him that she had to carry him home and hand feed him until he was strong enough to do it on his own. That's where he gets his name "Flaco." It means skinny in Spanish. He's had a tough life, there's no doubt, but now, he's very spoiled! My husband and I gave him that squirrel you see in the picture for Christmas. He loves it! He has such a soft mouth that he just nibbles on the paws! It's soooo cute!! :)

We dog-sat Flaco this last weekend so that Alex could attend her dad's graduation in Maine. While I was taking some pictures of new scarves that I'll be posting on my shop soon, I decided to make use of the camera and tripod and zoom in on the beautiful face that was watching me work! Good thing he sat still long enough for me to take it. He's known to flail when the camera is on him.

This weekend I also made myself a roll for my long knitting needles. I have yet to make one for my short ones, but here's a look at the one I made yesterday. All the fabrics are Amy Butler designs.

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