Friday, January 12, 2007

Good morning

Why is it that some people stare at
you blankly when you say good morning to them? I have lived on the west coast, the midwest, and the east coast and I must say that east coasters are generally not as friendly as the rest of the country. I apologize to the east coasters reading this blog entry. I encourage you to correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe I just live with a bunch of uptight jerks, but it seems that east coasters are more hesitant (afraid?) to say hello to their fellow neighbor. I could understand this hesitation if I was total stranger and we just happened to be walking down some dark alley. But I see these people everyday. I say hello! and they 1. ignore me or 2. look at me and then look away with this self important look on their face or 3. (my favorite) walk faster as if they recently saw me on the 10 most wanted list. I just don't get it.

Anyway, the photo you see above is of the awesome Rosanna loot I got for Christmas. I got the set of 3 mixing bowls with pour spouts (thanks Tom and Janet!) and the Red Velvet mugs (thanks Kyle and Heather!), which we had apple cider in last night. They are very beautiful. The fabric in the background is indigo dyed Shibori that I bought in Japan several years ago. I was cleaning out the kitchen drawer a couple of weeks ago and found it. I gasped at its beauty as I had when I bought it years ago. I really have to do something with that piece. It would be a shame if it just stayed folded up in my fabric basket.

This weekend I'll be posting some goodies on my shop for anyone interested. Have a great weekend!

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labyrinth said...

I really have to concur on the first comment about people not saying hello... Born and raised a Mainer (we do not associate ourselves with the "east" - we are separate and distinct :) ) - we always say hello! Driving down the road you wave at every car that goes by. If they look at you strange there is no doubt that the license plate says "masshole". (ok, you may not wave to EVERYONE - but if the have the same GMC Sierra truck model you definitely would!) Anyway, I came to DC for school and think great, we're all here studying together, something in common, it will be fun. NOPE. I get into the elevator with classmates and will say, "good morning," and silence. As if elevators aren't awkward enough as it is without having to expect someone to respond and get NOTHING! I wonder if it isn't something in the water down here!