Monday, January 29, 2007

Flannel sheets and eggs

Had a rather low-key weekend. Kurt is up in Boston until Tuesday evening so I hung out with friends and slept in late in my super comfy flannel sheets, which my mom got for me. Aren't those the cutest snowflakes?!

Kurt and I usually have big brunch-type breakfasts on the weekends, but since I was alone and didn't feel like frying up bacon and chopping veggies for a single omelet, I decided to just make some hard boiled eggs. It's simple, yet oh-so-good. The sun was so bright that morning that I had to take a shot of my breakfast!

This weekend I also saw Munich, finally, and Pan's Labyrinth. Both were very good movies. I watched Munich until midnight last night and then proceeded to dream about it the rest of the night! Except this time I was in the movie, which wasn't cool at all. I was glad when the alarm went off.
Pan's Labyrinth was good, albeit gory, but I think it got hyped up too much because I was left with a " wasn't THAT good" feeling, which was disappointing. Guillermo Del Toro's imagination is out of this world, that's for sure! The annoying translator part of me kept checking the subtitles and thinking, "hmm...I wouldn't have said it like that" or "what?! that's NOT what he said" or "ooooh, that's a good translation for that." The mind never stops working, does it?
The next movie I want to watch is Notes on a Scandal. I saw the trailer for it before Pan's Labyrinth and it looks very good!

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