Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Neighborhood yarn shop

Went to my neighborhood yarn shop today and it was super super cute!! Although it's in a strip mall (not cute) and they play terrible country music (the type where the guy just talks, not sings, in this monotone voice sort of on beat to the music? yeah.....), I liked it. They had really good sales, but of course, I went with no project in mind. I still picked up this Rowan magazine which has 49 designs for 50% off. WOO HOO! :) I also got these adorable owl knitting needles. I couldn't resist. Aren't they super cute????
Apparently, they're handmade by a retired couple in Vermont. I really have to get better and faster at knitting so I can zoom through all these great projects and use my cool needles!
On a completely separate note, there's this man in our neighborhood who, I kid you not, pulls boxes on a little palate on wheels up the hill multiple times a day. I saw him again today and scrambled to get my camera to prove it to you. Here's the shot I got:

You can sort of see the box he's pulling in the shadows. Very interesting. I think I'm going to strike up a conversation with this man soon. He seems to be the type that will either tell you to bugger off or become your best friend! Let's hope it's the latter!
Have a good night, guys.


Diana said...

que chulas!

un abrazo!

Amelia Amaya said...

Hello. I ran across your post looking for cute owl items. I love the owl needles that you purchased! Is there anyway you can buy a pair for me? I'm in California. I can either send you the $ via PayPal or a money order (whichever you prefer).Let me know. Thanks :)

Tomoe Book Arts said...

Amelia, I'm sorry, but I no longer live near that store. I moved about an hour away. I hope you can find a similar pair elsewhere!