Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wedding books

I'm currently working on a set of books for a wedding. The colors of the wedding are black, red, and white. The black book will have white on white floral endpaper and red flowers delicately falling over the cover. This will be the journal where guests can give the newlyweds advice.
The red book will have black flowers on the cover and the same white on white floral endpaper. It will serve as the guest registry.
I'm going to try something new this time with the stitching as well. It's coptic stitch, so the binding will be exposed. To add a little extra something to the books, I'm going to twirl black and white thread together and bind the book. I'll make sure to take a picture and show you before sending them off!


Anonymous said...

que lindos!!!
quiero mi wedding book tambien!!!

Janet said...

Jen, can hardly wait to see the books in person at the wedding. Love the wrapped items that you sold. Why does Christmas wrap have to be red,white or green??? I prefer brown kraft paper myself-remember? and it's recyclable too!

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