Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Textile Museum

Went to the Textile Museum last weekend. There was a Magnolia tree right outside of the Museum. It was gorgeous! DC is really blooming! I can even smell the flowers and I've got practically no sense of smell! It's amazing.
The Textile Museum was founded in 1925, at which time you could only go with an appointment (lah-dee-dah :P). After the founder's death, however, this all changed and the number of visitors skyrocketed from several hundred annually to tens of thousands! That sounds much better, doesn't it?
The current exhibition is called "Red." My favorite pieces included this GORGEOUS dress with the off center neckline. (Excuse the dark photos. I refrained from using the flash in respect for the older pieces).

Another piece I really liked was this blanket. I loved the colors and the geometric shapes. That would look great on a bed, wouldn't it? There's a better picture here.

There was also a Berber headscarf that was very very cool. There was a "before" and "after" headscarf. When a girl enters adulthood, she is woven a cotton and wool headscarf that is primarily white (before). When she gets married, that same headscarf is dyed in a way that only the wool takes the dye, not the cotton (after). The headscarf is completely transformed! The dye reveals a gorgeous hidden pattern made with the cotton by the weaver. Absolutely spectacular!

It was a really fun day. And since it was so nice out, I was happy to be out and about enjoying spring in DC, which usually lasts a couple of weeks anyway before it gets SWELTERING.

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