Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ribbon bag

My mother in law made me a ribbon bag for Christmas last year. It's so awesome I have yet to use it. You know how it goes. It's so beautiful, you're like, "uh...better leave it at home, just in case..." Just in case what? Who knows! But one day soon I am going to take it out of its tissue paper, fill it with my usual stuff (3 lip glosses and my wallet) and leave the house before I have time to panic.

You can see the beautiful stitching that attaches the ribbons. The zipper is one of those cool "hidden" zippers and the lining matches the overall color, orange.
The handle is a delicate pearly, satiny cord that tucks ever so stealthily in the sides of the bag. Very nice work, Janet! Can't wait to use it! :)

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The Muttering Chef said...

And the true reason why nothing of yours ever gets ruined comes out. I can't wait to use new things or wear them. I bought some new shirts yesterday (spring made me realize I have three t-shirts, one with pit stains -yuck- and four tank tops). I put one of the new shirts on this morning and almost got Easter egg dye on it. You can see our strange eggs on my blog. I've been posting again. It's spring. I'm inspired! I have some ideas for dishes (and desserts) to make. And we're going to Kopp's tonight for Caramel Cashew. Aren't you jealous?