Monday, March 26, 2007

Farmer's Market

This was a fun weekend. On Saturday we went to the zoo, which was my first time, but of course the battery in my camera died so I have no pictures of the cute baby panda. Bummer. On Sunday, however, we went to the farmer's market at Dupont Circle and that was a whole lot of fun. The flowers were GORGEOUS, but since we were going to be out for the day, I couldn't buy any without having them wilt on me before getting home. Here are a few pictures:

This last one is the coolest. I forget the name (of course, I'm horrible with names!), but it's gorgeous and has that huge bulb sticking out of the soil. I'll have to get one of these soon!

Also at the farmer's market was this awesome French bakery, where we bought almond croissants. They were huuuuge and FULL of yummy, oh so yummy, calories. We ate one each at around 10:30am and weren't hungry again until dinner time. Now that's what I call filling calories! :) We ate them too fast to take a picture, but I promise to take one next time to make you all jealous! :P

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Janet said...

Jen, that last flower is am amarylis. I don't know if that is the correct spelling but they are pretty spectacular!