Monday, April 2, 2007

Guest Quarters

I'd like to thank you all for your enthusiasm over the book! I'm glad you all liked it. To answer a question on how I did the gold stamping, I actually had to go over to the bookbinding studio near my house for that. They have a machine that looks similar to this one that heat and gold stamps books. I would love one of my own, but they are very very expensive. Maybe in the future!

Last weekend, my husband and I were up in Boston again. This time we stayed at a friend's house and they have THE MOST AWESOME GUEST ROOM ON.....probably THE PLANET! Everything was so gorgeous!

The lamps!
The tables!The napping, I mean, reading nook!The embroidered cushions!
The fabric hanging from the walls!!!

And most extraordinary of all...the bed!!!!!!!They really know how to make their guests feel like they've died and gone to heaven in that room!

They also have two adorable Bulldogs, Bumper and Angelina. CUTIES! They never stood still for a photo they were so excited! :)

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Diana said...

Oh my my my... now I see what you meant... it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
que suertudos!!!!