Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boston here we come!

We're moving to Boston!!! You might remember that a while back, Kurt and I had gone to Boston for the weekend. Well, I was actually up there interviewing for a job. And I got it!! We're officially moving to Boston the first week of May. Kurt is already in Boston, apprenticing with an awesome painter for a month, so he went out and found us the cutest apartment! This is the living room here. On the far end, you can see French doors that open on to a sunroom type space that would be great for plants. We're really hoping to buy a house (cross your fingers!), so we don't plan on being in this little apartment for long, but it sure is cute!!

Needless to say, I'm here in DC packing. I seem to recall an article that said that one Chinese torture technique is indeed HAS to be. It is by far the worst activity known to man. When you realize just how much crap you've accumulated in two and a half years you get the urge to just push it all into a pile and burn it! Start afresh! Who invented this packing and moving thing anyway. I say we burn it! BURN IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

...pant...pant...sorry about that...

A colleague of mine said that Boston has a lot of contact with Canada, particularly Quebec. That reminded me of the beautiful trip we took to Quebec last year. It was definitely cold up there, but very very beautiful. Just look at this blue sky!
Now that we'll be farther north, maybe we can go back and visit all those cute little shops again! Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of the new felt bag I just made!! Stay tuned...

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