Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garden blooms

We've had several warm days recently and the garden has really started blooming. Even the cherry tree is blooming! I can't wait to see it fully bloomed! My husband and I lived in Japan for 2 years and every spring they did hanami, which means "flower viewing." The cherry trees would be in bloom, and the entire community would come out in their best yukatas and picnic under the blossoms. We always thought that if we ever bought a house, it would either have a cherry tree or we'd plant one. Well, after we moved into our place last summer, we were in the garden looking around, when we noticed the bark on our tree. Lo and behold, a weeping cherry tree. My eyes teared it was so perfect! I just might have to get my yukata out of storage and have dinner under the cherry tree this weekend.

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