Monday, April 21, 2008

Breakfast al fresco

Saturday was so nice and warm outside we got to have breakfast in the patio. It was so wonderful! There's nothing better than sipping your coffee with the warm summer sun on your face. This weekend was really beautiful. We spent most of our time outside, just enjoying the weather. Sandra Bullock is filming her new movie "The Proposal" in Rockport, MA, which is just up the road from our house. We road our bikes over there and although we didn't see anyone famous, we noticed that they changed all the building facades and they put up these totem poles in the central square. The town is made to look like Sitka, Alaska. Here's an article on the movie. My in-laws also have a famous person filming a movie in their town Columbus, Wisconsin. But who do they get? Johnny Depp!!! Awww man!!! Hardly fair!! :P

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