Monday, January 21, 2008

Pizza night

We listened to the football game last night (can't believe the Packers LOST!) and made homemade pizzas. We used my dad's special crust recipe which yields a nice crust, not cracker thin, but just the right thickness. We laid down a thin layer of corn meal under the dough to give it a nice, crunchy texture. (Another of my dad's tricks)We brushed a little olive oil over the top for extra goodness. :)

We topped it with spicy pepperoni, fresh basil leaves, broccoli rabe* (see note at the bottom of the page), veggie cheese, and homemade pizza sauce.Whenever we want to make something with cheese, we choose this brand of veggie cheese. I'm lactose intolerant (you probably didn't need to know that) and we've tried a lot of fake cheeses. This one tastes the best and melts. None of that yellow tofu stuff. Yuk!
We baked the pizza at 350 for 25 minutes and VOILA!
* Note: We didn't have broccoli in the house, which I love on pizza, so I substituted broccoli rabe. Broccoli rabe, however, is very bitter and a bit tougher than broccoli. It overpowered even the spicy pepperoni and I ended up picking it out. :( So, if you make homemade pizza, skip the broccoli rabe!

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