Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amy Butler pillow

I was off last Monday for the holiday and had a fantastic day. I spent the entire day crafting. Is there anything better? I really don't think so. I ate fruit and green tea midmorning in the peace and quiet of my home on a Monday. Deep breath.....AAAAAHHHH. It was heaven.
I've been meaning to make some nice pillow covers for the pillows in the living room, so I started sifting through all my fabric to make one. I found this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric I bought a while back and decided to recover an old Ikea pillow with it. Here's the end result:
I gave the pillow these cute pearly buttons as well, which go perfectly with the fabric.
I was very happy with the result. Sewing is not easy for me, so this was a true accomplishment! :)

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