Wednesday, July 2, 2008

St. Peter's Fiesta

This past weekend was the St. Peter's Fiesta in Gloucester. It was so much fun! Kurt and I got on the carnival rides, listened to live music, and ate fried dough. It was great. We also went to the beach games on Sunday, where we saw the above woman's VERY elaborate hat. And this one:
The detail on these hats was amazing. Everyone was hovered around them just looking at all the little scenes:

The beach games included seine boat races and the greasy pole contest. The boat races have 12 men per boat. They row out 1/2 a mile, grab a flag, then row back to shore (the boats are the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria). The first boat back wins. It was really neat to watch. Those men wanted to win so badly they looked like they were rowing for their lives!

The greasy pole competition was even more interesting. Above you see the greasy pole as it looked from the beach where we were standing. Do you see all the boats anchored just behind the pole? Everyone with a boat (or kayak) got to have a much closer look!
The greasy pole contestants came around on a boat before getting up on the platform for the competition. They were all dressed in some sort of costume: spider man, iron man, poodle skirt and wig, you name it! After getting up on the platform, they each got to walk (or try to walk) across once to practice. Then it was the real deal. Whoever made it across the pole and grabs the flag first wins! There was only one guy who walked across and touched the flag during his practice go. And he was the one who then won the competition!

Very lucky! I'm told that the person who touches the flag during the practice walk isn't always the one to win the competition. Someone else might beat you to it.After the winner fell into the water with the flag, the others jumped in to swim with him to shore. They lifted him onto their shoulders and brought him up onto the beach where everyone cheered!
We really had a good time! This weekend is the 4th of July celebration in Lanesville, our little community in Gloucester. We can't wait. We are told it's quite a riot with a parade, bon fire, BBQ, and race. Stay tuned for pictures!!

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