Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Our very first Lanesville 4th of July was a blast! We had a 4K race in the morning, a parade at 6 o'clock and an awesome bonfire with fireworks at 9 o'clock. The parade was more like a Halloween procession in July. Everyone was dressed up in the craziest outfits! Neighbors:Babies:

Even Santa made an appearance!

The parade was complete with its own "band" of drummers and kazoo players:
And of course bagpipes!
After the parade, we all gathered in the streets and sang patriotic songs. Despite the fact that no one knew the words, we all sang as loudly as we could!
Later that night, after a very yummy barbecue, we all went down to
Lanes Cove for the bonfire and the fireworks. Here's the 3 story pile of pallets that was built earlier in the week:

Did you notice the piano at the very top?
Right at 9pm it was set aflame!
The fire just got bigger and bigger! They even had to move the flag because it nearly caught on fire. We were standing across the Cove from the fire and we could still feel the heat. It was huge!

The fire together with the fireworks was an amazing sight:
The fire burned all night, until there was nothing, but a small pile of wood quietly burning. The smell was wonderful! I love the smell of a wood fire.The next morning, all that was left was embers and the steel frame of a piano! I don't think I've ever had a better 4th of July!

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