Sunday, June 17, 2007


Kurt and I went up to Portland to visit Kristen, my sister-in-law, this past Saturday. We had a great time! We left Portland at around noon, stopped in Freeport, then headed on up to Booth Bay. Magellan was too cute to leave at home, so here he is in quite an action-shot out the window.
Maine's waters are full of lobster traps and, as a result, yummy fresh lobsters.
Random shot of a church, but it looked so pretty against the blue sky!
We had dinner at the Lobsterman's Co-Op (I had steamers and corn on the cob-MMM; Kurt had a lobster roll sandwich and Kristen had scallops). We sat with our legs hanging off the edge of the pier, while keeping our eye on those sneaky sea gulls, who are just waiting to steal your food.
The nature in Maine is spectacular. Sometimes we felt like we were the only ones out there.

Speaking of nature, my next few blog entries will be of just flowers. Flowers, whose beauty I tried to capture with my little camera. Stay tuned.

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